Amos Corny

DIY - Do It yourself. Leitmotiv for Amos Corny, a true punkrock attitude. Musically though it's not really punkrock, it's discopunk, electro-bongo-rock, trash-a-delic hiphop.

Amos Corny - an absolute autodidact - releases his first album for Langusta, the new Independent Record Label from Rolex-, Swatch- or Omega-Hometown Biel/ Bienne Switzerland. Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock, Urban are labels that fit somehow Amos Corny's music. But it's more than that, influences from the 80s and 90s meet noisy guitars, raw electro-beats and ecclectic Synthesizer-Sounds.

He has a straight Punkrock-Attitude, but this regards more the spirit of how he writes songs and how he sees music generally. The songs on "Raw And Unfinished" have also a big influence of Old School Hip Hop and Black Music (Soul and Funk). Amos Corny has been a musician since the early 90s. On some tracks on this album he plays all of the instruments recorded.
Raw And Unfinished
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Nidaugasse 11 Rue de Nidau
CH -2502 Biel/Bienne
postmaster [ at ] langusta.ch